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What we Do

Coaching executives

When you are working, does it feel like a bird flying in the sky? We believe it should and we know it can. With the right awareness, attitude and competencies, one can feel free as a bird.

Coaching helps you become more effective, wiser and happier as a colleague and person, look into your blind spots, revisit your purpose in life, become more conscious of your effect on others, or practically prepare for milestone events in your career or business development. ->
Coaching helps you to become more effective, wiser and happier as a colleague and person. How? The coach helps you to look into your blind spots, revisit your purpose in life, become more conscious of your effect on others, or help you to prepare for milestone events in your career or business development.

Coaching normally consists of a series of between two and five coaching sessions of 2 hours each. Preferably, the first session is face-to-face. Follow-up sessions can be online. Once we know each other, online will as effective as face-to-face. We may tap from a wide range of coaching resources, such as personality profiles, Gestalt, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, provocative coaching, but foremost: our own experience and intuition. We subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Coaching your team

Does working in your team feel like being part of a flock of geese? Increasing the awareness on the energy level in the team (from conflict or bad day to a neutral day, good day or preferably flow) and improving the abilities to raise the energy level, teams become more productive and more fun to work in. Typical coaching topics are effective meetings, decision-making, trust, commitment, accountability, feedback culture, coping with stress, team culture, team purpose, leadership, self-management, you name it … ->
Mental coaches of sport teams aim to get the team as much as possible into flow. Like a flock of geese, flying much further when they are flying in sync. This starts with increasing the team’s awareness on the energy level in the team. Are we in conflict or bad day, in good day or in flow? Then the team learns to move up the ladder towards flow. In that state teams become more productive and more fun to work in. Additional coaching topics may include more effective meetings, decision-making, trust, commitment, accountability. Or developing a team purpose, strategy, leadership, self-management, a feedback culture or the ability to lead change.

What makes team coaching more effective is when the coach helps to integrate and anchor the learnings into work practice. This can best be done by attending some team meetings and organizing an efficient feedback exercise at the end of the meeting. This can be done online and, therefore, hardly adds to the costs, but increases tremendously the ROI on the investment in coaching.

Coaching the evolution of your business

Do you and your colleagues have the feeling and agility of flying together as a flock of swallows? From our hands-on experience building a company built on the principles of how flocks of swallows swarm, we know how an organization can create higher productivity and happiness levels than peer organizations.

The type of support the organizational coach may provide may consist of facilitation strategy development, structuring the company to deliver results efficiently and reliably, facilitating learning needs assessments and co-creating a strategic learning and change program, improving engagement and happiness at work.

Climate coaching

Is your staff and your company futureproof regarding the climate? We help individuals, teams and/or organizations increase awareness of the opportunities to contribute to a brighter future regarding the climate crisis. We believe that we have a moral duty to provide children and their offspring a hopeful prospect. Fons is a certified climate coach and has experience leading turn-around processes from measuring CO2 footprint to positive climate actions. He provides awareness workshops and webinars and facilitates strategy and action planning workshops to create positive energy around this sensitive domain. Moreover, he acted as congress director, organizing a Climate Conference for CEO’s “Energy entrepreneur in 1 day” on November 8, 2023.



Evolutio has been established by Fons Feekes in 2005. One of its first assignments was to start-up, lead and scale the Insights country office for Belgium and Luxembourg in Brussels. After building the company towards a € 3,5 million operation, it was sold to ILD Ltd. in 2017. In addition, numerous smaller executive and team coaching assignments have been implemented over the past 15 years (see testimonials).

Fons is an economist by training, and has been trained as Gestalt Coach, NLP Practitioner, Insights Licensed Practitioner and Curriculum Developer. Fons has experience as a senior coach / consultant for companies such as Air France/KLM, Alcoa,Belgacom, Delhaize, Fortis, GS1, ING, Nike, Philips and Telenet. He worked in over 40 countries as coach, consultant and/ortrainer. He works in English, Dutch and Portuguese.

Network of associates

Evolutio collaborates with experienced professionals to deliver larger assignments, depending on the need for additional or complimentary expertise and experience. Within the Benelux, collaboration extends to a network of about 1000 coaches which are certified as Insights Discovery Practitioners.

Fons Feekes


Miguel Lopera - President and CEO of GS1 Global

“During the past months our Leadership Team and I have been using Insights Discovery Full Circle with Fons Feekes to further strengthen our professional performance. I have experienced 360 instruments for many years, but this tool is special. It is like a goldmine. The reporting and the conversations with both the coach and the respondents have allowed me to look at some of my behaviors from a different experience. The lessons learnt I can apply immediately with them and they tell me that they see the positive impact on our professional relations. I understand better my way of working, I am more effective as a CEO now.”

Bob de Kruijf – General Manager ALCOA Europe

I worked with Fons on several occasions during my tenure as Commercial Director Europe, and we have maintained a very good relationship since. The Insights trainings and materials were very effective and helped us to develop ourselves and our organization. Beyond the tools, Fons brought to the table a wealth of experience as coach, which made the sessions particularly interesting and inspiring. Fons does an excellent job of tailoring his services to the specific needs of the customer, and I would recommend Fons to anybody looking to drive personal and organizational development and effectiveness

Marina Vanstipelen - Fortis Bank

This 8-hours of coaching was especially relevant to develop my management style and to build effective relationships with my colleagues and customers

Jelle Jacquet - Manager Talent Development Retail Banking – Fortis Bank

Thank you for the “Insights” I have gained today; I now fully understand why such different sources within the Fortis HR Community have recommended you!

Hedwig De Pauw

Fons, thanks a lot for your coaching: I found it extremely fascinating! Now I deal more consciously with my strengths & guess what? It Works!! Jiiihaaaa!

Nihal Yildirim - European Commission

Dear Fons, First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the coaching session of yesterday. You made me talk a lot, put words in thoughts, make links between different things & think about next steps! Your questions, reactions, remarks, interpretation, next steps proposal etc. helped me a lot! I really feel in peace now… and I hope it will last!

Angel Buster – Training Manager at Newell Rubbermaid

“I have been working with Fons now for about a year and a half. I have the utmost respect for his ideas, methods, and insights. He possesses very detailed knowledge of the Insights system ( and because of his inner drive for improvement I am certain that all services he offers are sure to be delivered with as fresh and professional perspective as the ones I have witnessed.”

Koen Vanlommel - CEO Netropolix,

The 3-days Transformational Leadership Academy with Fons Feekes provides a great balance between theory and practice, and thus the changes in your behavior as a leader become immediately apparent. After the training, the new behavior comes from inside out. In 3 days you may evolve from ‘unconsciously incapable’ to ‘unconsciously capable’ and thus you display automatically the desired behavior. It is the most effective training I have followed in years, and I do attend quite some good training courses in the framework of Junior Chamber International.



Evolutio is partner of

Evolutio is a sponsor of WeForest by spending each year 1% of its revenues on planting trees. And by supporting the development of the internal organization of WeForest as team coach and making the organization scalable.

Evolutio is partner of
Holland Ocean Racing

Fons Feekes supports Holland Ocean Racing as team coach of the Volvo Ocean Racer Boudragon and as trainer of the young talents at the Ocean Racing Academy

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